Pilot.WEB allow you to securely access real time rotation status turn/jobs, vessel information and current alerts through your Web portal by computer or Smartphone.  Pilots, Dispatchers, Agents, Regulatory Agencies and other employees will have access to role-based information when they login through the secure portal using their unique login credentials. 

Up-to-the second information: 

  • Incoming/Outgoing/Pending Job Lists 
  • Click to Call on phone numbers on Job/Turn listings 
  • Rotation (with Click to Call) 
  • Weather 
  • Vessel Alerts 
  • Web Job Order


iPad eTicket Screen Shots


Pilot.WEB Screen Shots


Features & Highlights

· Fully Customizable

· Turn/Job Management

· Pilot Rotation

· Web Access

· Emergency Text Messaging

· Smart Phone Access

· eNotices

· Color-Coded Warnings & Alerts

· Fatigue Management

· Tide Management

· HIV Tracking

· AIS Integration

· Never Down Technology

                      - Hurricane Katrina Tested

· Restricted Pilot Support

· Pilot License Management

· Extensive Reporting

· Dock Restriction Tracking

· Optional Cloud-Based Solution

· Pilot Notification Management

· Web Turn Submission

· Agent Notification


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