Pilot.WEB allow you to securely access real time rotation status turn/jobs, vessel information and current alerts through your Web portal by computer or Smartphone.  Pilots, Dispatchers, Agents, Regulatory Agencies and other employees will have access to role-based information when they login through the secure portal using their unique login credentials.  All access is "ROLE" based, meaning you assign the security to roles and then assign users to those roles, knowing everyone in the same role sees the same information.

Up-to-the second information: 

  • Incoming/Outgoing/Pending Job Lists 
  • Click to Call on phone numbers on Job/Turn listings 
  • Rotation (with Click to Call) 
  • Vessel Alerts 
  • Transportation submission
  • Web Job Order

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Features & Highlights

· Fully Customizable

· Turn/Job Management

· Pilot Rotation

· Web Access

· Emergency Texts

· Smart Phone Access

· eNotices

· Color-Coded Alerts

· Fatigue Management

· Tide Management

· HIV Tracking

· AIS Integration

· Never Down Technology

     · Hurricane Katrina Tested

· Restricted Pilot Support

· License Management

· Extensive Reporting

· Dock Restriction Tracking

· Optional Cloud-Based

· Pilot Notifications

· Web Turn Submission

· Agent Notification

Contact Information

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