Pilot.LICENSE tracks a pilots’ physicals, certifications, continuing education credits and other related credentials. Parties are notified of upcoming expirations automatically based on pre-determined rules and regulations set by management.

  • License Management  
  • Email Notifications
  • Renewal Letter Creation
  • Vendor Management and contact info for license renewal
  • Alerts management and history tracking

Helping Keep Maritime Safe for...


Features & Highlights

· Fully Customizable

· Turn/Job Management

· Pilot Rotation

· Web Access

· Emergency Text Messaging

· Smart Phone Access

· eNotices

· Color-Coded Warnings & Alerts

· Fatigue Management

· Tide Management

· HIV Tracking

· AIS Integration

· Never Down Technology

       · Hurricane Katrina Tested

· Restricted Pilot Support

· Pilot License Management

· Extensive Reporting

· Dock Restriction Tracking

· Optional Cloud-Based Solution

· Pilot Notification Management

· Web Turn Submission

· Agent Notification



Contact Information

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